Get your own
video greeting
from Santa! 

viesti juuri

Joulupukilta voit
tilata yksilöllisen
itsellesi tai
vaikka lahjaksi.


Santa experience in your cabin

Santa Claus will knock on your door. Enquiring if there might be any nice and well-behaved children waiting for him. Santa is a good singer and he will sing to you and you might even wish to join in and sing a couple of Christmas songs together.  Santa is an excellent story teller and will happily share his stories about the magic of the northernlights, animals and life in arctics. Santa comes bearing a little hand made present for the children. Santa´s visit lasts for about 30 minutes.

Should you wish, Santa can arrive with his special animal friend - his reindeer. Children can have little ride pon Santa's sledge. Santa will happily share stories about his special friend and you can of course take pictures with the reindeer.

Santa´s visit with a reindeer lasts about 45 minutes.